Directors: Yin-Ju Chen and James T. Hong

Year of Production: 2006

Production format: video, computer

Music: Laibach and Zukunftsmusik

Language: no dialogue

Length: 5 minutes

Synopsis: A symbolic history of Kapital -- a symbolic history of the West.

Inspired by Kasimir Malevich's minimalist artworks and the struggles for resources in the age of peak oil, Suprematist Kapital was born of the want to create a visual artwork that could be displayed on many different-sized mediums regardless of resolution, e.g., theater screens, mobile devices, ipod's, etc.

When once technology as progress was an end in itself, it became the handmaiden of capitalist accumulation and war, and is now a form of capital itself in the age of peak oil.

Selected screenings:

SUPREMATIST KAPITAL officially premiered at the
2006 San Francisco International Film Festival
San Francisco, USA

San Francisco Cinematheque,
Yerba Buena Center of the Arts

Other Cinema
San Francisco, USA, 2006

Flaherty Film Seminar
Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York, 2006

State of Exception
San Francisco, USA, 2006

Seoul Net Festival
Seoul, Korea, 2006

Antimatter Underground Film Festival
Victoria, BC, Canada, 2006

Media Art Festival Friesland
Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, 2006

Women Make Waves
Taipei, Taiwan , 2006

Fluxus International Film Festival on the Internet
Brazil, 2006

ATA International Film Festival
San Francisco, USA, 2006

T-10 Festival
Oakland, California , 2007

Pacific Film Archive
Berkeley, California , March and November, 2007

La Enana Marrón
Madrid, Spain, 2007

Lens Politica
Helsinki, Finland, 2007

Sagunt Shortfilm Festival
Sagunt, Spain, 2007
--First Prize in Video Art--

Urban Nomad Film Festival
Taipei, Taiwan, 2007

17th Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival - CURTA CINEMA
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2007

Encounters Film Festival
Bristol, UK, 2007

Festival Cineposible de Extremadura
Spain, 2008

Tampere Film Festival
Finland, 2008

Le Cinéma Oblò
Lausanne, Switzerland, 2008

International Film Festival Oberhausen
Germany, 2008

Festival Pocket Films
Center Pompidou
Paris, France, 2008

Union Docs
Brooklyn, New York, 2008

Festival Nouveau Cinema
Montreal, Canada, 2008