ZUKUNFTSMUSIK was borne in the third machine age. It is a product of the age of multinational capital. It is a response to the emergence of new kind of flatness and depthlessness, a new kind of superficiality in the most literal sense, evident in contemporary art, particularly in the darling of the mass media, film.

The modern fact is that we no longer believe in this world. We do not even believe in the events which happen to us, love, death, as if they only half concerned us. . . . it is the world which looks to us like a bad film.

In our socially saturated age of pastiche with its uncountable opportunities for identifying with televised or mediated personalities, we can ask ourselves, "what should I see tonight?" or "what should I do forever?"

This is our question.


Our offices are nomadic. We have no permanent address.

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